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Owner operated and servicing all of Nassau & Suffolk Counties with 20 years of staff experienced workers. We Care Tree Service specializes in commercial and residential land management and tree care. Licensed and Insured, Courteous, Knowledgeable and Professional Staff. On call 24 /7 Emergency Service.

Tree Experts on Long Island

With our customers’ trust in mind, we always make sure that our tree crews undergo strict and extensive training in tree service and that they understand that total client satisfaction is the top priority. To do this, our assessors and crew look at the situation at different angles and as much as possible approach it in a way that totally eliminates property damage or at least to a minimal level.

The We Care Tree Experts team always prepare for the worst when clients call us for our tree removal & trimming expertise. Even at the height of a storm, we will do our best to get to our clients especially when it involves live electrical wires. Clients rely on us to be there after a violent storm and we always deliver.


We specialize in both residential and commercial tree services in Nassua & Suffolk Counties. We guarantee complete satisfaction with all work provided. We will gladly give you references from customers in surrounding Long Island neighborhoods. Our goal is to build the kind of trust that keeps clients coming back year after year. Our professional services include: Tree trimming and pruning, Stump grinding, Fallen tree cleanup, Shrub trimming and pruning, Tree shaping, Lot clearing, Tree removal, Hedge trimming, Emergency or storm damage services.

As a local Long Island owned and operated business, We Care Tree Service offers excellent service and genuine care for our client's property and safety. Our skilled crew, professional tools, and equipment allow us to complete projects safely and efficiently.

Planting trees in your yard requires sight and attention. Once you plant, you need to maintain growth through activities such as tree trimming. Tree trimming is not all inclusive. One tree may need a cleaning, while another a vista prune to see your ocean view. Failure to maintain your yard properly leads to damage of your house as the branches and roots look for more space. In addition, they might proceed to your neighbor’s property. Big trees such as eucalyptus and pines, amongst others, can tower 100's of feet high and have root systems that travel twice as far. However, you can avert problems by seeking assistance from a tree service company.


Count on our professionals when you want your tree services done right. We have the right amount of experience and always work with your safety, and that of your property, in mind. However, we do more than just tree pruning and trimming—we provide a wide range of tree services that focus on shrubs and stumps as well. Aside from tree cutting and trimming, we also provide (but not limited to) the following services:

Line Clearing, Pruning, Root Injections Grading, Tree Removal from Structures, Live Tree Removal, Dead Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Hazardous Trees, Hazard Assessments, Emergency Tree Removal, Tree Removal Involving Live Wire


Here at We Care Tree Service it's our business to take complete care of any and all of your tree service needs.

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