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Here at We Care Tree Service it’s our business to take complete care of any and all of your tree service needs throughout Suffolk County, NY. For over 30 years, we’ve provided all different types of expert tree services to our residential and commercial customers. We Care loves Long Island, it’s our home!

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Some of those scenarios when dealing with problematic trees include but are not limited to root overgrowth causing wear and tear to a residential foundation, excessive water sapping leading to poor lawn health, over-reaching branches that, if snapped during heavy storms could damage the roof of a home, amongst other potential issues. Some are simply not wanted for personal reasons or are a sight for sore eyes. Regardless of your situation, we’re here to make removing your tree(s) as quick and easy as possible with *zero* property damage. Typically, trimming, cutting and pruning trees takes place during late fall and winter months when they are not blooming or producing fruit so as to prevent the risk of a tree being exposed to disease and insect infestation if cut to late in a trees season during the spring and summer months.

When the branches and limbs of a tree are dead or dying if left unattended will cause valuable nutrients and minerals to be wasted and absorbed by deadwood. To maintain the health of a tree and increase its lifespan, the removal of lifeless branches is a process we refer to as “cleaning”. Pruning trees while young and growing rapidly is essential to a strong framework for future growth. If left to it’s own devices branches can grow wildly out of control causing potential unforeseeable damage in the years to come.

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Here at We Care Tree Service it's our business to take complete care of any and all of your tree service needs.

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