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While our maintenance programs can often prevent the need for tree removal, here in Suffolk County and Nassau County, Long Island, hurricanes and winter storms can create tree injuries and uproot, sometimes causing a need for total tree removal. Depending upon nature’s fury, even well-kept trees can succumb to hurricane winds and heavy winter storms requiring tree removal because they have become a danger to life and limb. It is important to use an expert tree care service, especially when power lines, homes, or other structures are close by.

Our tree removal services include the removal of dead, dying and diseased trees and limbs; removal of damaged or fallen trees; removal of trees with decayed trunks or root rot; tree trimming, tree cutting, tree surgery, tree pruning, stump grinding and stump removal; and complete clean-up of the job site.

We have the skills and equipment to handle any removal. We are also fully insured for your protection and ours. We Care Tree Service for the care and service of your trees.


Tree Removal is Serious Business!

Dealing with having a Tree Removed is a serious and dangerous business and if not done by a trained professional can result in the loss of life and additional damage to your property.

We Care Tree Service offers a variety of Professional Tree Removal and Arborist Services so that you can ensure that the job is done properly and right the First time.

Can a Homeowner do their own Tree Removal?

We have some good news and some bad news related to homeowners doing their own tree removal. Let’s go ahead and get the bad news out of the way…

The good news is that you can actually go down to any hardware store and purchase a good quality commercial chainsaw. The bad news is that no training is provided to work the machine that has been designed to cut through solid wood 3+ feet thick lightening fast. We are not going to go into any more detail – but, when things go wrong with a chainsaw they tend to go Very Wrong and it happens Very Quick!

As a result, more often than not when a homeowner takes it upon themselves to care for their trees (more than annual pruning that is), it can often lead to personal injury, damage to their or a neighbor’s property, damage to their own personal property, or even cause severe stress to the tree that often leads to significant damage down the road when a tree falls over that has been damaged.

Professional Tips About Tree Pruning

Typically most small ornamental trees need to be pruned annually.

However, your trees may need pruning for a number of reasons which include: the removal of diseased or storm-damaged branches, thinning of the crown to permit new growth and better air circulation, reducing the height of a tree to keep it away from utilities or structures, removing of obstructing lower branches, or simply shaping of a tree for design or aesthetics.

But, we must stress again that Tree Pruning and Removing Small Trees can be a lot of work and particularly dangerous if you are not familiar with proper equipment and techniques.

If you find that you are in need of Tree Pruning services and you would like for experienced professionals to take care of it for you to ensure a job well-done, then give We Care Tree Service a call at 516-373-6488 and we would be happy to provide a free quote/estimate.

Top Reasons To Prune Your Trees At Least Annually

  • Eliminating branches that rub together
  • Removing limbs that interfere with wires, gutters, roofs, chimneys, or windows, or that obstruct streets, street lights or sidewalks
  • Removing dead limbs that pose a hazard or may lead to decay
  • Removing diseased limbs
  • When Pruning is done right it can also help to lessen wind resistance and reduce the potential for storm damage
  • Removing limbs damaged due to extreme weather conditions
  • Thinning or removal of unnecessary branches
  • Improving the shape or crowns of trees

We appreciate you stopping bye our web site and we look forward to providing you with Professional Tree Removal and Professional Tree Pruning Services!

It is important to always work with a fully licensed and insured Tree Removal Company because some trees will be located near architectural structures, driveways, electric poles, or other obstructions that will impact the ease of which a tree can be removed without risk. Trees that are positioned next to buildings and powerlines need to be removed with great caution in order to avoid damage. We Care Tree Service specializes in removing trees in all types of environments and also provides 24-hour Emergency Tree Removal Services.

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