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Here at We Care Tree Service it’s our business to take complete care of any and all of your tree service needs throughout Nassau County, NY. For over 30 years, we’ve provided all different types of expert tree services to our residential and commercial customers. We Care loves Long Island, it’s our home!

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We recognize tree removal is a last-ditch effort. In a perfect scenario, we’d like to preserve the life and beauty of a tree when possible. Some of those scenarios when dealing with problematic trees include but are not limited to root overgrowth causing wear and tear to a residential foundation, excessive water sapping leading to poor lawn health, over-reaching branches that, if snapped during heavy storms could damage the roof of a home, amongst other potential issues. Some are simply not wanted for personal reasons or are a sight for sore eyes. Regardless of your situation, we’re here to make removing your tree(s) as quick and easy as possible with *zero* property damage.

We take great pride in our work, meaning we work hard to impress our clients with quality work over anything else. Our company is a family-run operation crew that’s been together since the beginning, & we’re going to keep it that way because we care about the integrity of our work and our reputation of being a great tree care company. We value the personal touch we can offer to our clients by remaining a smaller operation that allows for the owners of this company to personally take a look at the tree problems you might be facing.

We take on difficult jobs other companies walk away from, big 100 ft trees or tree with very little to no clearance, sometimes requiring crane removal service. For example, if a tree is too close to your home, or there are other obstructions that make it impossible for any machinery to get past it or if it’s uprooted and too unstable for a tree climber, we take no chances and we’ll utilize the proper equipment necessary to get the job done safely. Some of this expertise only comes with experience so if you are in need of tree work but nervous about it, make sure to give us a call or at least get multiple quotations from very experienced tree companies.

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Here at We Care Tree Service it's our business to take complete care of any and all of your tree service needs.

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Looking for complete tree service. From tree removal to land clearing – We Care Tree Service can handle all of your tree service needs. Our tree service professionals provide prompt, dependable tree care to homes and businesses that you can trust.