DIY Tree Removal Long Island

DIY Tree Removal Long Island

One of the things most home buyers consider when touring prospective properties is the home’s landscaping. Generally speaking, the more elaborate and well maintained the better. Buyers want to purchase something unique, especially in any outdoor area that can be used for entertaining guests. For each house that has a drop-dead gorgeous yard, there are ten others that are in dire need of renovation. Many buyers are forced to settle for a home that offers everything they’d been looking for except a green and decently kept yard. Fortunately, the more experienced buyers set a budget aside for these types of situations.

A problem that is often encountered with yard renovation work is dead or sick trees. A tree may be perfectly healthy, but located so close to the home that an expert may determine that its roots could interfere with the foundation or underground piping and electrical work. Homeowners with little time on their hands often delegate the work to an arborist. Arborists are trained to handle even the largest of trees. They know how to cut a trunk so that it falls according to pre-determined trajectory. The average homeowner isn’t capable of doing this, which is why any removal work they conduct should be limited to smaller trees. Even these tiny trees can get costly to remove if the homeowner wants the remnants of the tree, like the roots, to be extracted as well.

A person with a slight inclination for hands-on work should be able to pull of a small-scale tree removal. A shovel, chainsaw, and a sharp cutting instrument like an axe will prove indispensable in the process. The area that surrounds the tree should be cleared to prevent any sort of damage and the trunk should be carefully cut so that it requires a small push before falling over. This will allow you to guide its falling trajectory if necessary.

Now the relatively safe yet very laborious work commences. You will need to free the stump from the roots in order to remove it. The shovel and axe will be helpful in this pursuit. Try not to get too excited when removing the roots. Just take care of those that are visibly protruding from the ground.

Whether or not tree removal is a weekend project will entirely depend on the size of the work force you have helping you as well as the size of the tree in question. Cutting it down may be, but the stump and roots could take longer to complete than anticipated. If you decide to put this part of the project off, drill some deep notches into the stump that you can fill with fertilizer. This will speed up decomposition so that when you do find time to tackle it, it will come apart much easier.

In addition to having to rent the chainsaw and some other tools, you might need to rent an extra disposal bin to get rid of the branches and limbs. In most cases, renting a wood chipper doesn’t make much sense. However, remember to conserve wherever possible. The thick trunk might make for nice firewood.

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