Tree Removal Cost for Fallen Trees

Tree Removal Cost for Fallen Trees

With the weather very erratic in many parts of the country, it’s not uncommon to hear that a tree has toppled over on someone’s property. Sometimes, the tree avoids valuable property and simply falls into the street. Other times, it lands on a brand new car or on some other valuable item to the misfortune of the owner. When a tree has collapsed, it needs to be disposed of promptly not only for aesthetic reasons but also for the safety issues involved.

Now, some homeowners seem to think that this process is relatively simple. Simply cut the tree down and dispose of the remnants. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it initially appears. There are other obstacles that can get into your way, including the critters and other creatures that may have accumulated in the tree during its lifespan, as well as what the tree has leftover in the ground, such as its roots.

What you initially estimated could take a day, now turns into a week-long project. The first thing to do in a situation that involves a fallen tree is to contact your homeowner’s insurance company. Hopefully, the event that caused the tree to topple may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. With the costs of tree removal being at a minimum a few hundred bucks, you stand to gain by filing a claim. Now comes the task of finding a contractor to carry out the job. In some cases, your insurance company will send somebody out to complete the job, but otherwise, you’ll have to do that hunting yourself.

In cases where the tree has fallen in such a way that it is now situated in an awkward position, there will be concern about liability. Some removal companies might not take the job if they fear one of their workers may be injured, or possibly someone else in the removal process. This means that you should aim to find at least several companies that you can get a quote from. And in these types of cases, don’t expect the work to be cheap. Not only will the prices go up because of the unfavorable position of the tree, but also because special equipment may be required, such as a crane, to actually dislodge tree from its current position.

You also have to consider what you want to do with what remains of the tree in the ground. In typical cases, you get quoted a price for simply cutting the tree down to a stump. Now, this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing solution, as a stump sitting in the middle of your yard seems a bit out of place. If your intent on getting rid of this stump, ask potential removal contractors about what they would charge to remove the stump as well as the roots of the tree. You might as well have the entire process performed all at once to cut down on the costs.

Although you should shop around, make a final decision based on much more than price. Conduct adequate research on each company you are considering, try to uncover what sort of impression they’ve made all pass clients, and based on their assessment of your project, try to determine where they fall in terms of competency. Price should be one of the more insignificant factors to consider, and should only be explored when the decision falls between two or three contractors that otherwise look very solid and trustworthy.

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