Tree Removal for Fungus and Termites

Tree Removal for Fungus and Termites

Many people have invested tremendous amounts of work into making their backyard landscaping look spectacular. They may have planted trees, flowers and laid down the grass to create an outdoor space compared to those you see in shopping catalogs. Others, however, don’t have much time to dedicate towards upkeep beyond everyday watering. Their trees may be in dire need of pruning and their lawn may be in a state of disarray due to a large number of pesky weeds. Although trees are at a greater risk of dying when not cared for properly, every homeowner (yard-fanatic or not) eventually has one that succumbs to decrepitude whether from disease or similar. Regardless, most people don’t see any immediate need to have the tree extracted. It may still have some leaves on its branches and look fairly healthy to the untrained eye. Most experts, however, will tell you that this is not a wise choice.

The moment you learn that your tree is ready to call it quits, you should have it slated for removal. Dead trees can attract every homeowner’s worst nightmare – termites. Termites don’t usually indulge in healthy trees, but once they begin to rot these pests might establish colonies around them to consume every last bit of rotted wood. Termites are fairly small, so while you might not be able to visually identify them, you will be able to see mound-like formations around your tree where they may be living. The danger with termites is that they may eventually migrate into your home, where they can eat away at wooden beams, siding, and any other sources of wood.

Fungal growths are a second problem that dying trees can also succumb to. Much like in the case of termites, fungus manifests after a tree has fallen ill not before. Nevertheless, fungal growth can be an eyesore and even toxic to human health. If you have a play area in your backyard for your children, you really don’t want to have any of this stuff around them as they may be tempted to ingest it or otherwise tamper with it. Before you let any of these problems plague your yard, contact a tree removal company to have any dead trees removed immediately. The cost of tree removal generally ranges from a few hundred up to a thousand and aside from the size of the tree can be affected by its location (in respect to nearby hazards) and the degree to which the homeowner wants it removed.

Instead of incurring the extra costs to have the stump and roots removed by an expert, many people actually successfully go at these projects alone. If you experienced any degree of termite infestation after the death of a tree, you may stand to benefit by calling in an exterminator to check that every last trace of the pest has disappeared. You really don’t want to run the risk if these termites grabbing hold of your home. Dead trees may not be suitable for use as firewood, so have the tree removal company shred the wood in a chipper and then dispose of it.

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